Thursday, June 26, 2008

We've Moved

Of course I have something to say about the Supreme Court ruling protecting the Second Amendment this morning... but its not here. The American Elephant Blog is moving to a new address, and preliminary commentary about the Second Amendment as well as a few other things are already available at the new address. I'll have more in depth commentary on the subject later... which was truly a landmark decision in protecting our Constitutional rights (which honestly should have been completely unnecessary).

The new blog address is:

Please excuse the mess as we work on the layout and some of the new features. I'll also begin moving all of the old blog posts over in the near future... and hopefully leverage the new format to write more often.

Thanks for stopping by. Now go take hand gun lessons and celebrate your constitutional protections from an overbearing government.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Audacity of a Phony

Twenty years of listening to racist and hateful sermons wasn't enough to drive Barack Obama to leave his church, but the heat of the Presidential campaign is. What a phony.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Remember our Heroes

On Memorial Day in 1984, President Ronald Reagan gave a speech to commemorate the tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery. While the tomb, like President Reagan's speech, were focused on those who served and were lost in Vietnam, I think much of it applies today.

Memorial Day is a day of ceremonies and speeches. Throughout America today, we honor the dead of our wars. We recall their valor and their sacrifices. We remember they gave their lives so that others might live.


When he spoke at a ceremony at Gettysburg in 1863, President Lincoln reminded us that through their deeds, the dead had spoken more eloquently for themselves than any of the living ever could, and that we living could only honor them by rededicating ourselves to the cause for which they so willingly gave a last full measure of devotion.


The Unknown Soldier who is returned to us today and whom we lay to rest is symbolic of all our missing sons, and we will present him with the Congressional Medal of Honor, the highest military decoration that we can bestow.

About him we may well wonder, as others have: As a child, did he play on some street in a great American city? Or did he work beside his father on a farm out in America's heartland? Did he marry? Did he have children? Did he look expectantly to return to a bride?

We'll never know the answers to these questions about his life. We do know, though, why he died. He saw the horrors of war but bravely faced them, certain his own cause and his country's cause was a noble one; that he was fighting for human dignity, for free men everywhere. Today we pause to embrace him and all who served us so well in a war whose end offered no parades, no flags, and so little thanks. We can be worthy of the values and ideals for which our sons sacrificed--worthy of their courage in the face of a fear that few of us will ever experience--by honoring their commitment and devotion to duty and country.

Many veterans of Vietnam still serve in the Armed Forces, work in our offices, on our farms, and in our factories. Most have kept their experiences private, but most have been strengthened by their call to duty. A grateful nation opens her heart today in gratitude for their sacrifice, for their courage, and for their noble service. Let us, if we must, debate the lessons learned at some other time. Today, we simply say with pride, "Thank you, dear son. May God cradle you in His loving arms."

May God continue to bless this country and all of the real heroes who have sacrificed so we may all remain free. This truly is the greatest country in the world... that wouldn't be possible without their courage or sacrifice.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Cry Baby Barack

Don't talk about the comments of my pastor for 20 years! Waaaahhhh! Don't talk about the anti-American comments made by my wife! Waaaahhhh! Don't talk about my policies towards the terrorist state of Iran! Waaaahhhh! Don't talk about my voting record (or lack thereof)! Waaaaahhhhh! It seems like all Barack Obama is doing lately is crying. Crying about this, crying about that, calling people "low class" or "bitter" for questioning him and his campaign. If you can't handle the heat of the primaries, you certainly can't handle the White House or the job of Commander-in-Chief.

If you want your wife to be First Lady, then her comments are fair game. Cry Baby Barack, get a tissue and get off the stage. For someone from Chicago, you sure are a wimp.

Obama to Tennessee GOP: Lay Off My Wife

Note to Obama: No one is attacking your wife, but when you put her out on the campaign trail to stump for you, what she says is fair game. This is an issue and this is NOT low class. Get over it, Cry Baby Barack.

I'm Proud of My Country

Thanks, Tennessee GOP.


My Wife Is Always Proud of America

and our latest... Cry Baby Barack

Friday, May 16, 2008

Appeasement University (i.e. The Democratic Party)

Funny how President Bush mentioned "people" in his speech yesterday who want to appease terrorists and terrorist regimes, and the entire Democratic Party was (and still is) up in arms. Most thought he was referring to Barack Obama. I'm certain Barack is like the rest of the Elitist Leftists who think the world revolves around them... but someone who places such emphasis on oratory should know that "people" does not equal "one person" and thus President Bush couldn't have been talking exclusively about Barack Obama. And he wasn't. He was talking about those people who regurgitate the idea that we must sit down with evil regimes and terrorist states and hold their hands, talking softly to them to find out why they don't like us. Certainly if we talk to them, we can come to a solution and find common ground. YOU DON'T NEGOTIATE WITH TERRORISTS AND YOU CAN'T FIND COMMON GROUND WITH EVIL DICTATORS OR SOCIOPATHS. But that doesn't matter to the "Blame America First" crowd who think the answers to the world's ills is to sit around a camp fire and sing Cumbayah.

The facts in the matter are two fold. First, President Bush was right. Second, he wasn't talking about Barack Obama. He was talking about Barack Obama (his stated policies), Nancy Pelosi (Syria trip), and Jimmy Carter (Hamas traitor) along with John Kerry, Most of the Democratic Party, a few RINOs, the United Nations General Assembly, some countries prior to the Iraq War (cough... France), Nevel Chamberlain, et all. Quite a few people fit that mold actually, and the President was referring to all of them. So you can quit crying so loudly Barack, it wasn't just you that George was picking on.

Funny, how when President Bush mentioned "people" he didn't make any remarks to infer he was talking about Obama... yet Obama was one of the first to whine that the President was attacking him and refute that he wouldn't talk with terrorists. But if the policy didn't fit you Barack, how did you know President Bush was referring to you? Ahhh... maybe the shoe fits afterall??

Mike Huckabee said there is a saying in Arkansas that goes something like this... "if you throw a stone over a fence, the dog that whines is the one that got hit." I'll put it a simpler way... "the one that smelt it dealt it" and Barack Obama, you stink.

For Barack and the rest of his party, we've created a special t-shirt just for you...